You may have noticed we do things differently.

Amuse Me Shop and our unique sizing was born out of a desire to create a line of clothing that could produce less waste. Rather than produce sizes for each year of growth, our pieces are cut generously so children are able to wear them longer and, with proper care, they will last generations.  I have found sizing by year to be unnecessary, wasteful and often inaccurate.  Our products are made to last longer so you can purchase less.

Press coverage
" We love seeing the creative community supporting one another, which is why this Meadows and Magic collaboration just warms our heart, and reminds us why we love being a part of such an inspiring community. The talented women behind Amuse Me, Brass Bee Bonnets, and Weepereas launched this sweet sping line today, marrying the little Blush Blooms floral from Shopcabin with our Painted Unicorns."
Meadows and Magic Collaboration
Hawthorne Threads Blog - March 01, 2019
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