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Happy New Year!

I love that fresh rush of creativity that comes with taking a small hiatus from your day to day life.  Just like all good things though it must be earned with will power and dedication.  We spent the holidays at our Oregon retreat and although it was difficult and I did feel guilty, ( that feeling went away faster that I expected) I unplugged from email, texts and... social media.  Thoughts of I wonder what is happing with my account and I should respond to that person, plagued me for the first few days.  I stayed vigilant though, and after awhile began to notice little things around me which I had previously been taking for granted.  I also had much more free time to think, plan and daydream.  I read a physical book, not on my Kindle, but an honest to goodness, smell the binding, feel the paper between your fingers, dog ear that page... book.

As the days went on my mind was not only sharper, but I was suddenly flooded with ideas for the shop, my family and their futures.  This burst of creativity still did not make me want to reach for the phone.  Instead, I didn't feel compelled to act on the ideas, not even to write them down in a notebook which I would inevitably never open again.  I was happy just to let them simmer and brew into full-fledged actionable goals, while still enjoying my much needed hiatus time.

Sometimes when we get busy we feel as though things need to be done now.  That goal has to be met now, that checklist must be conquered now.  I am going to tell you something you won't believe until you experience it for yourself; the pressure of now is a construct we put upon ourselves.  Everything will get done in its season and time.  If now isn't a great time, trust that another time will come where that goal may be perfectly accomplished, and may even turn out better than expected because you are better suited to do it at that moment.

All of this is to say that part of inspiring our customers to live a more conscious lifestyle is making sure we ourselves are setting this example.  This hiatus helped me to realize how I was falling short of that.  I don't believe in making resolutions, they always feel like self-imposed punishments - and where is the fun in that?  I will however hold onto this realization as a reminder of what I hope for you, dear friend, and our sweet little brand.

Much love,


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