Inspiring Women Series #2 Rozalyn Schlumpf

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You have to love a woman whose motto is “Life is a party and you’re invited”. Allow me to introduce Rozalyn Schlumpf creative genius behind @poptartsandpeonies !  Here is more about her, in her own words.

1./ Tell us about yourself and where you live

Hi! Ok, about myself....hmmm where to start??? My name is Rozalyn Schlumpf but I go by Roz most of the time.  I'm a born and raised Northern California girl currently living in the East Bay.  I graduated nursing school from the University of San Francisco in Spring 2009 as a 21 year old with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and started my career as a trauma nurse 3 months later. I always knew I wanted to work with kids or babies, so after only a year and a half I transferred to the Neonatal ICU where I've been ever since.   

I married my college sweet heart and this fall we'll be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary.  We have a 3 year old daughter named Nora, and are anxiously awaiting our son this November (yay).

I have always had a passion for being crafty and I started having a lot of fun with party planning when I started planning baby showers for girls at work.  Then after I had my own daughter, I had so much fun planning her birthdays.  I kept getting hints from my friends saying "you should start your own party planning business!  This is really cute!".  That sparked my fancy and I decided to make it a THANG April, 2019.  I have ZERO business savvy and know nothing about monetizing a hobby so this is a slow process for me.

2./ You wear many hats as a mother of one, (soon to be two!) a nurse, a wife and as visionary story teller. 
What is a typical week like in your home?

Oh my goodness.  a typical week is always so atypical!  I'll look at my upcoming week and think - ok!  I don't have much to do, I can’t totally handle this.  But then, somehow, I’m always running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  I work 3 days a week on the NICU, and when I'm there it's a literally in the center of the hospital so WIFI is iffy at best and work is so fast and busy, so I barely have time to pee, let alone network on the -gram or catch up on emails.   So that eliminates 3 days a week of “hustling”.

When I’m home, I know my family comes first, but it's so easy to pick the phone up and "send that last email, catch up on those last few DMs, or make those last few phone calls" but I try my best to keep them first and foremost when we're all together.  Which leaves me very little time to pursue my dreams and side hustle.  Of course, saying that, I wouldn't change a thing!   My mind is always thinking about some event, or some craft project. After 4 PM though, it’s family time.  It’s so important to me to make sure my husband a daughter know I’m here for them and love them.

3./ I love that your events are always so collaborative with vendors and shops in your local area.  Tell me about how you found and built this community


Oh thank you!  I LOVE supporting brands and other vendors in this biz!  Instagram has really opened up doors and connections with people and I LOVE working with different creatives to come up with evolving content. Plus, more brains are better than one, so I love being able to partner with other vendors to make something beautiful happen.  Not to much as I'd LOVE to, I just can't do it by myself.  Teamwork makes the dream work is my motto!

4./ What or who inspired you to jump in and pursue your creative dreams?


I know it sounds weird saying this, but I did!  I’ve always loved styling, parties, and being crafty and I figured – just go for it!  See what happens!  I honestly wish I had someone in my corner rooting me along and being my number one fan, but in reality, I’m constantly getting backlash for “doing too much”, or “you’re so stressed, maybe now isn’t a good time to pursue this”.  Or my personal favorite, “well…why are you doing that?”  or “are you almost done with that?”  I’m always having to fight for my dream and goals…maybe that’s what makes this so important to me.  Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.  I just know there’s something very special waiting for me and I can’t quit.

5./  Do you have any advice for other mamas pursuing their creative goals?

My advice would be to go for what you believe in.  Give your dreams a fighting chance and work as hard as you possibly can.  There’s no better time than the present!!!  Knowing that there are going to be more days that are harder, more days where you’ll think about quitting and think that it’s not worth it.  But keep going if it’s your passion. 

Also, get people in your circle that can relate to you.  Utilize mom groups, or small groups on Instagram where you can express your feelings and hardships.  Sometimes the people closest to you just see the struggle and think supporting you means leading you to quit.

6./ What is next for you? (, career)


I’m really looking forward to having baby number two.  Although pregnancy is relatively “easy” for me…I do NOT love being pregnant!  I function so much better when the baby is out and I can start getting my body back….and when wine is in the picture ;-)

7./ Who or what inspires you?


Oh my goodness!  Sooooo many people and things inspire me!  I look up to all the working moms out there who have a fulltime job, take care of their families, and then have a side hustle.  There’s something so kick ass about that to me. I’ve always been so impressed and inspired by hardworking, driven people.  I get super turned off by laziness ;-)

What inspires me?  I feel like my eye is always catching something fun to do.  The seasons, holidays, other creatives doing fun events and shoots.  Sometimes it’s seeing something random on the side of road #onemanstrashisanothermanstreasure


I live by the motto: Life is a party, and you’re all invited!  

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