What does Ethical Shopping mean exactly?

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For AM Shop responsible shopping means recognizing the people and the work that goes into an ethically made product, investing in fewer items overall and finding pieces that are made to last a long time. 

There are a lot of buzz words out there about thoughtful consumerism, ethically made clothes and sustainability in the fashion industry,  Let's discuss what they mean and how they translate into the clothing in your closet.

  • WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A CONSCIOUS CONSUMER? – A consumer who who is willing to pay more, wait longer for or buy less of a product that’s been produced in an ethical and/or sustainable way. Conscious consumers tend to support brands that have programs to give back.

  • WHAT DOES ETHICAL SHOPPING MEAN? – Simply, purchasing products and services produced in a way that minimizes social and/or environmental damage, while avoiding products and services deemed to have a negative impact on society or the environment.  This goes hand in hand with being a consumer consumer.  Employees of ethical brands are paid a fair wage and often the brand itself has great transparency in their production process.

  • WHAT IS SLOW FASHION? – Slow fashion is deliberate choice to buy better-quality items.  Purchases aren't driven by trends but rather they are environmentally and ethically conscious. Sought after garments are timeless in design, durable and lend themselves to repairs, not disposal. Slow fashion makes a clear effort to be transparent so buyers know where their clothes are coming from, and items are often handmade by artisans.

  • WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION? – Goods and services produced using processes that pollute less, conserve energy and natural resources while being economically viable. They provide safe working conditions for their workers and the surrounding community.

  • WHAT IS ECO-FASHION? – is a focus on the production of clothing that takes into account not only the environment, but the health of the consumers who will be wearing the clothes and the working conditions of the people involved with making the clothes


  • TELL ME ABOUT ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT? – Many brands like Amourt Vert plant trees for every tee shirt purchased thereby balancing the amount of carbon release during their production.  Veja makes environmentally friendly sneakers from raw materials sourced from organic farming, without chemicals or polluting process, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of their production.


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